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HIAS Young Leaders Volunteer!
Washington, DC; Los Angeles; Chicago; New York, New York

HIAS Young Leaders DC are a dedicated community of young Jewish professionals and graduate students who aid in HIAS' mission of refugee resettlement through event planning, direct service, and advocacy/education.

Tov - JUF Tikkun Olam Volunteers Chicago
Hours:Over 20

TOV provides individual and group volunteer experiences to people of all ages. Our volunteer advisors will work hard to find the best match to meet your needs and interests.

Jewish Coalition for Service
All over
Hours:Over 20

Find the perfect organization to spend a week, a month, or a year volunteering with.

JDC's Jewish Service Corps
Africa, Asia, Europe, former Soviet Union
Hours:Over 20

Spend next year living and working in a Jewish community overseas!

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Hillel Honors U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg at Gala
On May 29, 2013, Hillel held its annual Renaissance Award Dinner honoring Senator Frank R. Lautenberg. The event was an enormous success.

Announcing Hillel’s 2013 Renaissance Award Honoree: Frank R. Lautenberg
We are proud to present this Award to Senator Lautenberg, Senior US Senator from New Jersey, on May 29, 2013 in New York.

Staff Giving to the Nonprofits for Which They Work

You Can't Fool the Youth: A Jewish Institutional Makeover

BBYO Launches “Beyond,” New Gap Year Israel Experience

Harrison LAPID Announces 4th Cohort
Harrison LAPID’s fourth cohort was selected among an exceptional group of applicants from around the world. The 12 professionals from Israel, Brazil, the US, and Russia, will receive intensive training and tools to support their professional development.

oppsboxtop.RECENT PLEDGES.
Diana Hernandez
300 Hour(s)
Health and Medicine

Ruth Cessford
55 Hour(s)
Health and Medicine

Peggy Anderson
32 Hour(s)

Mary Bovard
32 Hour(s)

50 Hour(s)
Immigrants and Refugees

sdaff sdfa
500 Hour(s)


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